June 20, 2016.  I suppose it is appropriate to start this today, the day before the solstice.  Not, mind you, that I am likely to do a good job of keeping it up.  Does this have to be about art?  Well, insofar as a trip to the plumbing store is inspiring, this is about art.  There was a wonderful poster in the plumbing store that said, "PLUMBERS--WORKING TOWARDS A CLOT FREE NATION."  I noticed this in particular because we spent the morning working toward a clot free nation, in the form of snakeing a pipe at the office.  The office is now part of a clot free nation, but unfortunately we still have to put the plumbing back together.  By which I mean Mark puts it back together while I hold the flashlight.  From each according to her abilities. 

Based on my explorations at the plumbing store, it appears that the tools required to work toward a clot free nation include a "big yank faucet puller, " a "smart dumbbell," and a "nipple extractor."  Nevertheless, plumbing is not more fun than you thought.