In my ongoing effort to be a better person, I have sworn to spend at least an hour every day on the computer making this website a better place and also learning a quilt program.  Having today spent considerably more than an hour in these endeavors, I am failing to see how utter frustration makes me a better person.  Nevertheless I hope this becomes a better website. 

The quilt program thing is less certain.  It all seems like it ought to be so simple. I mean how difficult could it be to click on a block pattern and print it out?  More difficult than I imagined.  But I will keep trying because the stupid thing COST MONEY.  Therefore I cannot just throw up my hands and say that I quit--not the Mennonite way.  More on that later.

Since I know that there is one person who reads this (thanks, Jeanie) I'll share a very odd thing.  I got an e-mail from a long time acquaintance that was on the order of "Hi, long time, I've been busy, my husband died this past year, shot himself in the heart, in October I went to Greece, got swollen ankles on the plane, how are you."  This is not much of an exaggeration.  How to reply presented a conundrum.  I basically said "So sorry to hear of your loss, sounds like you are recovering well, Greece sounds great, I am doing fine."   I mean, what else can you say?   But I hope to find something to say reasonably soon so that I can be a better blogger, if not a better person.

June 20, 2016.  I suppose it is appropriate to start this today, the day before the solstice.  Not, mind you, that I am likely to do a good job of keeping it up.  Does this have to be about art?  Well, insofar as a trip to the plumbing store is inspiring, this is about art.  There was a wonderful poster in the plumbing store that said, "PLUMBERS--WORKING TOWARDS A CLOT FREE NATION."  I noticed this in particular because we spent the morning working toward a clot free nation, in the form of snakeing a pipe at the office.  The office is now part of a clot free nation, but unfortunately we still have to put the plumbing back together.  By which I mean Mark puts it back together while I hold the flashlight.  From each according to her abilities. 

Based on my explorations at the plumbing store, it appears that the tools required to work toward a clot free nation include a "big yank faucet puller, " a "smart dumbbell," and a "nipple extractor."  Nevertheless, plumbing is not more fun than you thought.